Membership and Benefits


Couple (Single household)
Parent plus one child
Couple plus one child*
Each additional child*
*Must be 13 years or older
(Ages 10-12 may be included on a case by case basis)

Patients are financially responsible for all concierge medicine services rendered by Helical Health, PLLC. Insurance will not be billed for services provided by Dr. Mehta. Payments can be made through recurring bank draft.


  • Flexible appointment times. Dr. Mehta spends the appropriate amount of time necessary to address your concerns. Instead of being bound by a 5-15 minute time slot found in the traditional insurance-based practices, Dr. Mehta knows you need the time that you need. Without having to wait in multiple rooms at your doctor’s office, you get more time with Dr. Mehta directly.
  • Receive more complete care. Dr. Mehta devotes the time to talk with, and more importantly, listen to his patients about their concerns. The average time before a patient is interrupted by their physician is 11 seconds*. Without standard time restrictions, Dr. Mehta will have ample time to try and understand your concerns. This allows him to more thoroughly address your problem list.
  • Cost-effective. Unnecessary tests and medications can be identified, reduced or even eliminated when your doctor is able to understand your healthcare needs without the pressure of short-timed appointments. Helical Health also has discounted pricing agreements with labs and imaging facilities to help you minimize your healthcare expenses if these items are not covered through your health insurance. And, as for the latest and greatest (read EXPENSIVE) medicines, Dr. Mehta believes in patiently waiting – click here to understand the multiple benefits of choosing generic drugs.
  • More availability for patients (voice, text, email, video chat). Often times, we can have a plan of action based upon a conversation about your medical concerns. A phone call starts the process. Then, we can decide what the next course of action is. Do we have enough information to treat you? Or do we need to have a video chat or meet in person? Note: Some visits will always require a face-to-face meeting (i.e. New patient appointment, well exams, sports physicals, etc.)
  • Preventive care versus reactive care. Your health history is reviewed at each visit. This helps identify health concerns as they are developing instead of when they become more serious.
  • Reduced wait time to speak to Dr. Mehta—your private, personal physician is available to talk directly to you.
  • No waiting room. Avoid exposure to germs that are often found in a waiting room full of sick patients. Preventing exposure to communicable disease, including the common cold, is a far better option than getting treated once you are ill.
  • Convenience and efficiency: Save time. Whether you only have a short break between meetings or are struggling to get to all your errands before the kids get home from school, Dr. Mehta can conduct your medical appointment at your place of business or your home. In the traditional practice, getting 5-10 minutes with your physician could cost you 2-4 (or more) precious hours.
  • A thorough review of your medications. Physicians are great about starting medications you may need. However, with reduced resources and more demands, physicians do not always have the time to revisit your medication list in detail. And this is of vital importance.
    Although medications can improve both the longevity and the quality of our lives, they can just as easily be harmful (individually or in combination). Due to time constraints in a traditional practice, your list may not get reviewed timely and/or thoroughly. With Dr. Mehta, you get the person entrusted with your care to routinely re-examine that which can do you the most good and the most harm. You can better understand your medications, and together, we can reduce your list down to only the necessary medications, vitamins, supplements and herbs.
  • Treating the entire family (13 and up). Enjoy the convenience of having the entire family’s visits occurring back to back.
  • Have your physician be in charge of your medical issues without dealing with the revolving door of physicians, nurse-practitioners, physician’s assistants or physicians-in-training that is unfortunately becoming more commonplace.
Call us at 817-809-6264 to find out how teaming up with Dr Mehta can reduce the hassles you usually face in a traditional practice.